REVIEW Principles and Practice of Resistance Training



Principles and Practice of Resistance Training

Principles and Practice of Resistance Training
By Michael H. Stone, Meg Stone, & William A. Sands
$69.00 (Available thru Human Kinetics)

REVIEW by Coach Newton

It has been 20 or so years since Mike Stone, noted weightlifting and strength scientist, has published a book. During that time, Stone has been one of the more prolific scientific investigators. Stone’s resume over the past 40 years has left its impact on US and international weightlifting circles.

For this textbook, Stone has partnered with his wife, Meg Stone and Bill Sands. Meg Stone is a two-time Olympian for Scotland and continues her pioneering ways relative to sports coaching (primarily athletics) and the strength and conditioning profession. Bill Sands is the head of USOC sports biomechanics and engineering. Collectively, this is a very strong team to author a complete text on the science and application of resistance training for improved human performance.

Parts I and II of Principles and Practice of Resistance Training provide an in-depth look at the science behind strength training, with the latest studies on muscle physiology and bioenergetics. Part III covers specific adaptations and benefits of resistance training. Finally, Part IV addresses training principles, theory, and practical applications.

The text is rich with scientific references. No stranger to controversy, Mike Stone and his fellow authors are quick to deal with many of the fitness trends or fads so prevalent in this profession. Machine vs. free weights is revisited with current research, as is vibration training and unstable or balance training. The book’s largest chapter, not surprisingly considering Mike Stone’s role in the subject, deals with periodization.

Coaches and sports science students will find Principles and Practice of Resistance Training a rewarding read and an excellent reference.

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