REVIEW Fitness Professional's Handbook - 5th Edition



Fitness Professional’s Handbook - 5th Edition

Fitness Professional’s Handbook - 5th Edition
By Edward T. Howley & B. Don Franks
$72.00 (Available thru Human Kinetics)

REVIEW by Coach Newton

Interested in getting certified by the American College of Sports Medicine? This new title is actually the fifth edition of what used to be called Health Fitness Instructor’s Handbook and is a valuable resource for those entering or in the fitness profession.

The 558-page text is designed for a number of audiences, including college exercise science majors. Publisher Human Kinetics has done an excellent job of organizing the diverse topic areas into easy-to-read, colorful, well laid-out sections. Major topics areas include:

  • Activity, Fitness, and Health
  • Fitness Evaluation
  • Exercise Prescription for Health and Fitness
  • Special Populations
  • Exercise Programming
  • Scientific Foundations

ACSM’s review and guidelines related to muscular fitness have improved in recent years, possibly due to the influence of members that also take an active role in the NSCA. This current edition more clearly defines the differences between resistance training for improved health vs. lifting for better athletic performance.

Mirroring the updates in many texts today, Fitness Professional’s Handbook addresses topics germane to children, women, and seniors in their quest for improved physical function. We also now see a chapter on “mindful exercise,” dealing with yoga, tai chi, and related topics.

The text contains a huge amount of valuable information, all well presented. If you’re looking for one book that tells you a little about all aspects of fitness, this one does the job.

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