REVIEW Designing Resistance Training Programs - 3rd Edition



Designing Resistance Training Programs - 3rd Edition

Designing Resistance Training Programs - 3rd Edition
By Steven J. Fleck & William J. Kraemer
$57.00 (Available thru Human Kinetics)

REVIEW by Coach Newton

Preparing for a degree in exercise science? Prepping for a national fitness certification test? Just interested in knowing what reps and sets work for certain populations? Here’s one book that pretty much covers all this, and more.

Noted strength training researchers Fleck and Kraemer have authored the second 10-year revision to their very popular book on the “hows and whys” of modern-day training. This is a great reference book for anyone wanting to fully understand details of the widely divergent field known as resistance training. Fleck and Kraemer continue to explore what works and what doesn’t work. More importantly, they tell the reader “why”.

As the authors mention in their Preface, more than 10,000 relevant studies have been published in scientific literature since the last edition of this book in 1997. In an attempt to bring the reader up to date on the latest findings, some 100 pages have been added to this third edition.

For the most part, chapter construction is similar to previous editions. Tables comparing different training theories and effects are plentiful and easy to follow. Expanded chapters on training considerations for children, women, and seniors provide specific guidelines valuable for personal trainers and sports medicine professionals. One chapter not present in this edition is that of resistance training sports (weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding).

Overall, Designing Resistance Training Programs is a thorough, but comfortable read that belongs on any strength and conditioning professional’s bookshelf.

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