Weightlifting the Sport

Weightlifting: the Ultimate Olympic Power Sport!


Record numbers of athletes have taken up the Olympic sport of weightlifting in recent years. This is due to several variables, including CrossFit, interest from athletes in other sports, and through the efforts of a huge number of new weightlifting coaches in this country.

“Compared to a few years ago its pretty easy to find someone to teach weightlifting basics,” says Harvey Newton, former USA Olympic Team coach for weightlifting. “It’s more challenging to take an athlete to the highest international level of performance.”

Harvey Newton, America’s first national weightlifting coach, has successfully coached athletes from the local club level to the Olympic platform. His coaching experience and education span more than 50 years. He’s a popular lead instructor of USAW Weightlifting’s basic and advanced coaching courses. Coach Newton also provides his own seminars, clinics, and workshops at the local, national, and international level.

Looking for a coach? Here are some things Coach Newton suggests you consider:

  • Knowledgeable - A good coach is obviously a subject content expert. In addition, though, a coach must know the industry and have a large cache of resources.
  • Determined - A good coach has the endurance to see that athletes get where they want to go, with an eye on safety and long-term development as a person.
  • Experienced - Extensive experience provides a coach with a voluminous background of options, since no two athletes are the same, nor do they respond to training the same.
  • Flexible - A flexible approach is a must for good coaches. Not everyone benefits from certain exercises or pre-determined workout plans.
  • Respectful - Few athletes are likely to reach the heights of elite sports performance, but everyone wants to experience the rewards of competition, increased self-confidence, and improvement. Good coaches know how to work with a wide variety of athletes and make sport a fun experience.

For more on Coach Newton and his insights into the sport of weightlifting, read about Harvey Newton's background, purchase his popular Explosive Lifting for Sports, explore his channel at www.dartfish.tv/newtonsports, and download these free PDFs:

Weightlifting Terminology
Weightlifting Terminology II

A History of the Pull in Olympic Weightlifting
By John Garhammer, PhD

Contact Coach Harvey Newton when you’re ready to set up a solid weightlifting program for you or a team or when you need assistance in your current program of instruction for advanced, explosive training.

"As a professional coach for the past 15 years, I understand the importance of communicating complex material to your athlete. Coach Newton takes a unique, first person, position in this text; coaching through his own words. As I read this material I feel like Coach Newton is in the gym holding me accountable for my technique as a masters athlete and as a coach for how I am coaching my athletes. What a great presentation.

Coach Newton has beautifully finalized the controversial issue of: 'bar contact with the thighs' when performing in the clean. His discussion will leave no doubt in your mind regarding correct, powerful pulling."

Doug Lane, BS, CSCS
CrossFit Coach
USAW Coach

"Weightlifting is a fundamental component of the CrossFit prescription. As coaches, we have a responsibility to provide safe and effective instruction to our clients. We also have a unique opportunity to share the world's most explosive sport with our incredible community. Proper education in weightlifting is an invaluable service that we can provide both for our community and for the sport.

In May, we had the privilege to host Harvey Newton for his Level I Sports Performance Coaching Course sponsored by USA Weightlifting. Having dedicated most of his life to the sport, Coach Newton's resume speaks for itself. What makes him truly special as an instructor is his ability to relate to coaches and athletes of all levels; from novice to Olympian.

Quality coaches are in high demand in the CrossFit community. Registration for Coach Newton's two-day course at CrossFit Fort Vancouver practically took care of itself. With participants from across the country as well as Canada, enrollment quickly reached capacity.

Along with developing quality coaches nationwide, Coach Newton's course could not have come at a better time for our gym. We immediately began implementing the techniques and programming portions into our daily workouts. Our beginners have never had a more solid foundation to build upon. Our competitive athletes have been rewarded with improvements in performance across the board. It's no coincidence that eight weeks after Coach Newton's course, our team put it all together to win the Affiliate Cup at the 2010 CrossFit Games.

If you're thinking about participating or hosting Coach Newton for a Sports Performance Course, stop thinking. Do it. You need it. Your clients deserve it."

Adam Neiffer (Owner) and Bridget Raach
Coaches, CrossFit Fort Vancouver