Volleyball Strength Training

Vertical jumping is a key to volleyball success. Improved power for higher jumps comes from gains in both strength and quickness.

Volleyball Strength Training Both male or female volleyball players, whether playing traditional indoor and outdoor beach volleyball, recognize the need for a sound strength and conditioning program for improved performance and for injury prevention. This is particularly important for female players, where concern about ACL injury and jumping sports has raised national media attention.

Harvey Newton, author of the popular Explosive Lifting for Sports works with USA Volleyball as a Volleyball Master Instructor to assist USAV’s VCAP (Volleyball Conditioning Accreditation Program). “Volleyball has been quick to accept the efficacy of explosive lifting, particularly lifts like the Power Snatch and the Push Press, for improved performance on the court,” says Newton. Read his article, “Lessons in Using the Explosive, Olympic-Style Lifts to Improve Vertical Jumps” in Performance Conditioning Volleyball.

Vertical jumping is a key to volleyball success. Improved power for higher jumps comes from gains in both strength and quickness. The most effective way to train is to use explosive lifting. “But,” cautions Newton, “coaches can’t expect the average youth player to be ready for advanced training, which is what explosive lifting is. A solid base must be set (the earlier, the better), along with solid lifting technique. Only after all of these pieces successfully come together can one expect to engage in advanced lifting techniques.”

The demands of the game, along with routinely prescribed jumping drills, place a great deal of physical stress on young players, especially those who are not in outstanding shape to begin. They can only be successful after a solid base of speed, strength, agility, and flexibility have been obtained. Coaches need to know how to progress players along a definite continuum of strength and conditioning lessons as presented in the VCAP program.

Contact Olympic Coach Harvey Newton when you’re ready to set up a solid strength and conditioning program for your team or when you need assistance in your current program of instruction of advanced, explosive training.


"Harvey Newton is one of the really splendid and most informed gentlemen in the world of sports/strength science. I had the pleasure attending one of his seminars in 2008 in London and came away with many tips and ideas to implement. Since 2008 I have continued to learn from Harvey through his coaching services which I find indispensable."

Jamie Carruthers BSc (Hons), MSc, PGCE, CSCS (*D), NSCA-CPT (*D)
BWLA Coach (British Weightlifting Association)
United Kingdom