Strength Training for Cycling

Off-bike Training to Ride Stronger, Ride Longer, Ride Faster!

Cycling Strength

Cycling, plus sensible weight training, is a winning combination.

Cyclists often do not take easily to sensible strength training for improved performance and better overall health. They'd rather log endless miles on the bike than cut back a bit on the road and spend a couple of hours a week in the gym.

While many other endurance athletes successfully utilize sound resistance training methods, cyclists often worry needlessly about gaining weight or losing valuable time on the bike. "Most cyclists spend too much time lifting light weights for a high (15+) number of reps," says USA Coach Harvey Newton, the creator of the Strength Training for Cyclists System. "What's crucial is to prepare the muscles, strengthen the muscles, convert strength to power on the bike, and achieve optimal results in races. And light weights and high reps do not accomplish this."

To improve cycling power riders must effectively utilize off-bike strength training for best results on the bike. "One thing is certain, not all riders should weight train the same," says Newton, "and, woman and masters have the most to gain from solid strength training."

For more than 30 years Olympic Coach Harvey Newton has been the "go-to guy" for solid and practical information on safely and effectively combining cycling and resistance training. Coach Newton’s credentials includes a mix as a long-time competitive weightlifter, USA Weightlifting's then national coach, and an active racing cyclist.

Coach Newton was initially approached in 1981 by Eddie Borysewicz ("Eddie B"), Ed Burke, and Carl Leusenkamp to address Team USA Cycling’s strength training concerns. He served as USA Cycling’s strength and conditioning advisor through 1992, training several national team track riders throughout their season and advising all national teams on off-season weightroom workouts. Coach Newton remains an avid cyclist and rides regularly.

At the request of Team USA Cycling, Coach Newton combined his extensive weightlifting and cycling experience to develop Strength Training for Cyclists. The initial STFC product was two VHS tapes and a brief user’s guide aimed at coaches specifically. Recognizing the need for expanded educational materials for riders as well as coaches, Newton produced a new and expended Strength Training for Cyclists System. Coach Newton has proven that accessing proper technique for the most highly recommended exercises will give any cyclist a “leg up” on the competition.

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The full collection of recommended lifts is available for a small charge.

"Dear Coach Newton,

I just wanted to say a big thank-you for your series on resistance training for cyclists over at the Breaking Muscle website.

I'm a 40-year old cyclist who is trying to get back into peak form (after a few years away from competition) and while I'm only into the strength phase of your progression I'm already seeing huge benefits in my everyday road riding skills.

Really I wanted to let you know that your progression has made a huge difference for me already. It's one of the most reasonable, achievable programs I've ever seen for using resistance training to enhance your performance in another sport."

Michael Elkink

Cycling & Harvey

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