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Motion Analysis Increases Coaching Effectiveness!

Coaching with Dartfish

Exciting news in sports science... Dartfish is motion analysis software that "makes the invisible, visible".

With over 120,000 worldwide users Dartfish delivers the finest innovative solutions to train, educate, rehabilitate, interact and entertain. World famous for bringing special effects to professional sport broadcasting, Dartfish has concentrated its expertise in software training for established elite coaches and athletes before popularizing its video casting solution, dartfish.tv.

Dartfish.TV has over 800 channels, including one that features Olympic Coach Harvey Newton (www.dartfish.tv/newtonsports). "Dartfish.tv is the easiest way for me to provide top level distance coaching for fellow coaches and athletes," says Coach Newton. "Whether it’s 1-on1 feedback on lifting technique or simply posting some interesting clips for followers of my channel, dartfish.tv is THE way to go!"

You can sign up for free and access Coach Newton’s Dartfish companion to his popular Explosive Lifting for Sports. Viewers will discover 16 clips with technical details and instruction for learning the snatch, the clean, and the jerk.

Cyclists and triathletes can review a sampling of Coach Newton’s Strength Training for Cyclists System, where dozens of exercise technique clips, and private or public collections of lifters and strength athletes from around the globe. A subscription to this collection provides more than 30 valuable exercises for cyclists.

Other collections are available in a variety of sign-up options. Check them out now and learn how video coaching with Harvey Newton can take you to the next level.

Coaching with Dartfish
Coach Harvey Newton using Dartfish technology to improve coaching

To benefit from private coaching with Coach Newton, you simply use a camcorder to record your lifts, then trim and upload the clip to dartfish.tv. Harvey then uses Dartfish to create frame-by frame key point feedback in the form of a mediabook. Coaching clients then receive this feedback in their private account at dartfish.tv. Others receive the mediabook by e-mail.

To get details of private coaching with Harvey Newton and dartfish.tv, click here to contact us.