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Learn from the Champions! This "how-to" Biomechanical Analysis poster is designed to help you maximize your Snatch and Clean & Jerk. FREE SHIPPING!
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Learn from the Champions with this "how-to" guide on proper form designed to help you maximize your efforts and perform your best at the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. This weightlifting technique poster provides simple yet effective illustrations for lifters of all levels to help them achieve optimal performance.

Confused about the "S" pulling technique? Where should your shoulders be at lift-off? What effect does jumping forward or backward have? What happens to bar velocity during the transition or “power position” phase?

Olympic-style weightlifters love to talk technique, right? But newcomers wonder what are the truly crucial technical highlights that lead to lifting bigger weights.

Now you can master these technical skills using illustrations that show you what needs to be done. Great for the new generation of weightlifters or strength and power athletes using explosive lifting to improve their sports performance. This valuable coaching tool makes it easier to teach the complex technical skills used to lift the heaviest weights.

"It may come as a surprise that record lifts seldom follow the textbook model. However, novice and elite lifters alike must develop the most effective technique for their particular leverages and body segments and it starts with a basic understanding of the proper form used in these lifts." - Coach Harvey Newton.

This classic Biomechanical Analysis poster, the very first of its kind, showcases several coaching secrets that lead to better performances. The illustrations of the athletes are traced from high-speed 16mm film and are quite interesting. However, the poster’s real value lies in the actual data from record-breaking performances detailed in easy-to-read graphs of barbell velocity and trajectory.

"These lifts, when performed correctly as shown, result in the massive power production figures that make weightlifting a sport for all athletes." - Coach Harvey Newton.

For the data used in this poster, John Garhammer, PhD and noted weightlifting biomechanist, analyzed USSR lifters Rigert, Vardanian, and Pisarenko. USA Olympian Ken Clark’s national record clean is also included.

This great coaching aid is 32-1/2” wide by 24-1/2” high and is ready to mount on your weightroom wall. Suitable for framing, this top quality poster has been a huge hit for many years. Get yours today!

Poster History: The original two-poster set was created by John Garhammer, PhD and Olympic Coach Harvey Newton in the early 1980s as a result of the US Olympic Committee’s Elite Athlete Program. This Biomechanical Analysis poster was developed so coaches can easily help their athletes master technical skills by illustrating, rather than discussing, what needs to be done.

Olympic lifters were specifically chosen for the Technical Comparison of Two World Record Snatch Lifts. Key point drawings from high-speed 16mm film of the great David Rigert (90kg) and Yuri Vardanian (82.5kg), both snatching world records in 1978.

Two other Olympic lifters were chosen for the Technical Comparison of Two Record Cleans. Key point drawings from high-speed 16mm film of USA’s own Ken Clark and the USSR’s Anatoli Pisarenko, cleaning USA and World records, respectively, in 1983.

In addition to the sequential illustrations comparing athlete positions, graphed bar velocity and trajectory for easy reference was also included. This poster was originally design to be a very simple, yet effective, way to illustrate to lifters of all levels how the bar should travel during maximum lifts and reinforces the well-known sports science facts that leads to optimal performance.

32-1/2” x 24-1/2”
Top-quality, Aqueous Coated Paper

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