Explosive Lifting for Sports (Book)

Here’s your chance to receive detailed instruction on the snatch, the clean-and-jerk, assistance exercises, and much more!
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You get detailed instruction on the snatch, the clean-and-jerk, assistance exercises, training programs, and much, much more, all under one cover. Details include:

  • USA Olympic Coach Harvey Newton takes you through step-by-step Instruction for learning the snatch, the clean, the jerk, and many other explosive strength training exercises
  • More than 30 exercises are illustrated and explained
  • The challenge of explosive lift training for the tall athlete is addressed
  • Detailed training plans for 10 sports that benefit from explosive lifting training
  • Much more!

Explosive Lifting for Sports (Human Kinetics)
Most progressive sport and strength coaches today utilize the snatch, the clean, the jerk, and many other derivations of these three "Olympic-style" lifts to improve performance on the field or court. Are these lifts too technical for easy mastery by the novice? Not if it's Olympic Coach Harvey Newton explaining in great detail the subtle aspects of learning and training explosive weightlifting movements for improved athletic success.

Newton begins with an overview of sports science and its relevancy in creating a more explosive athlete. In the second part of the book the reader experiences a proven step-by-step method for teaching the explosive lifts. Finally, there's a primer on program planning and periodization, after which Newton interviews successful sport coaches that use explosive lifting with their athletes.

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“At last! An awesome effort has gone into Harvey Newton’s Explosive Lifting for Sports. I think most coaches are either turned off or can’t handle the excessive detail most “coaches” try to teach. Nice job!

I just finished reviewing Coach Newton’s book and DVD, Explosive Lifting for Sports and the first thing I did was loan both to our local YMCA Strength & Conditioning Director. He is now in the process of building a platform and starting a sports conditioning program using the explosive lifts as a base.

Too many authors try to hide their lack of knowledge of the “Olympic lifts” behind unnecessarily complex descriptions. Coach Newton brings his years as an athlete, a coach, and an administrator to present the first clear and straightforward treatise on the Olympic lifts I have seen.

The movements are described and demonstrated succinctly and without confusing fluff. This sort of treatment is exactly what the strength coach who is not familiar with the movements needs.

Coach Newton’s works should be required reading for anyone in the strength and conditioning arena.”

Mark Cameron
National Champion, 1980 Olympic Team


Via Facebook
Duncan Beattie · Friends with Gil Stevenson

"Gil, when are you next in Glasgow? I'd like to give you a "Dunc's Gym Snatch T Shirt" for Harvey Newton if you're going to be working with him. Whenever anyone asks me if i've read any good books lately I always say "Explosive Lifting For Sports by Harvey Newton"... Always."

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