Explosive Lifting for Sports (Book & DVD Set)

SAVE OVER 5% with the book and DVD set! Here’s the ultimate reference material for learning “the Olympic lifts.”
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SAVE OVER 5% when you order the book and DVD set! Here’s the ultimate reference material for learning “the Olympic lifts.” You get a 194-pg text and a 45-minute DVD in hard plastic case. The popular Explosive Lifting for Sports text provides detailed, photo-rich, step-by-step instruction unavailable anywhere else. The companion DVD shows real and slow motion instruction of the snatch, clean-and-jerk, and assistance exercises guaranteed to improve strength and power!

Book details include:

  • USA Olympic Coach Harvey Newton takes you through step-by-step Instruction for learning the snatch, the clean, the jerk, and many other explosive strength training exercises
  • More than 30 exercises are illustrated and explained
  • The challenge of explosive lift training for the tall athlete is addressed
  • Detailed training plans for 10 sports that benefit from explosive lifting training
  • Much more!

The companion DVD provides the viewer both regular and slow-motion instruction on the best learning methods for mastering the “Olympic lifts” of the snatch, clean, jerk, and their assistance movements. Like the book, the DVD systematically introduces each lift and the top-down learning sequence so valuable for quick success. Various angle shots are used to depict the lifts in their entirety and in segmented highlights. Reading about these lifts is important, but viewing the actual performance is crucial for a quick and easy grasp of these technical lifts.

Here's your chance to get the best weightlifting educational package available in today's market. Order yours now!

Watch a sample video of the DVD:
Explosive Lifting for Sports DVD sample video

"Harvey Newton's book Explosive Lifting for Sports provides the best text and pictures from which to learn weightlifting that I have seen. I wish I had such a reference when I was learning.

His DVD of the same name brings the book to life! You really can get a feel for the speed and power needed to execute a successful lift.

As a coach, I recommend Explosive Lifting for Sports be included in your library as a reference for yourself and athletes to assist with teaching proper technique for the lifts.

From my role as an older, experienced coach and athlete, a review of Harvey's materials has reminded me that basics easily became buried and forgotten. Explosive Lifting for Sports has brought this forward so I can apply them to my novice, as well as accomplished, athletes.

You gotta have this, plain and simple."

Derrick Crass, Physical Therapist
USA Olympic Team (1984 & 1988, weightlifting)
National Champion, 90kg


"Harvey Newton’s book and DVD, Explosive Lifting for Sports is a must-have for any weightlifting or strength coach. The writing and scripting are clear, concise, and direct. All the basics, teaching sequences, assistance exercises, details on periodization, and the sample programs are included in this set.

I especially like the sequence photos of the Snatch and Clean-and-Jerk. I constantly use these, particularly with my beginners.

This is straight talk from an experienced weightlifting coach!"

Brian Derwin
President, USA Weightlifting (1997-2000)
1980 USA Olympic Team
National Champion


"Harvey –

Just wanted to drop you an email and tell you how much I enjoyed the DVD and training manual. A lot of tips and such, that brought back "great memories" from workouts in the past. Basic movements with basic goals. Great educational materials based on proven track records.

Hope your week is going well.

In Health & In Fitness,"
Patrick Larabee D.C.
FRCC Science Faculty
USAC Level II Coach

194-pg Manual
45-minute DVD in Hard Plastic Case (5.40" x 7.50 x 0.60")

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