Strength Training for Cyclists System

COMPLETE SYSTEM SAVINGS + FREE SHIPPING! Guaranteed to help any cyclist perform better! This system is simply the quickest and easiest way to gain strength and power for better performance. You'll train smarter with step-by-step instructions...
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Following Coach Newton’s Strength Training for Cyclists System is simply the quickest and easiest way to gain useful strength and power in the gym and apply it for better performance on two wheels. Getting stronger (not bigger) is actually pretty easy to accomplish. This system explains:

  • The #1 exercise for improving leg strength and power
  • Gaining strength doesn’t mean gaining weight
  • Why training your upper body is crucial to improved cycling performance
  • How the core is vital to cycling… but a little goes a long way!
  • Popular exercises to avoid
  • How to always use safe and effective lifting technique
  • Advanced power training exercises, such as power snatch and power clean, along with plyometric drills
  • Bodyweight exercises while traveling and racing
  • And much more!

This system is guaranteed to help any cyclist cut through the confusion surrounding the details of effective resistance training for improved cycling. The system includes:

  • A 42-minute DVD demonstrating perfect exercise technique
  • REVISED & EXPANDED EBOOK! 130-page complete manual detailing the science behind training, expanded basic exercise technique, advanced power-producing exercises, and sample year-round training programs. Plus you can download it immediately after purchase
  • A convenient 28-page laminated Quick Series Guide, ideal to take to the gym

With these ingredients you can see what to do, read extensive details on cycling techniques and training, and keep up-to-date with the latest scientific and practical applications. This is your chance to take your off-bike conditioning program to a higher level. Don’t waste your time in the weightroom! Order yours today!

"Strength Training for Cyclists is an incredible resource and must-read for all coaches and cyclists of all ages and abilities, beginner to professional. Harvey Newton has written a firm answer to the ongoing questions of how and when cyclists should strength train. Backed by a lifetime as a strength and conditioning professional, numerous publications, and hands-on work with some of the world’s most talented cyclists, Harvey has created a system of strength training that all cyclists should follow year-round."

James Herrera, MS
Founder & CEO
Performance Driven


"Harvey Newton has done it again!

My first exposure to Harvey Newton’s strength training began years ago when I was an aspiring CAT II road racer and Harvey was strength coach for the USCF. I incorporated his methods by going to the gym during the off season and got results above and beyond my colleagues who did not use strength training to augment their cycling specific muscle training.

Though I hung up my road racing cleats and moved on, I remain an avid rider. My professional career as a physician trained in physical medicine and rehabilitation has evolved into a practice with an emphasis on musculoskeletal medicine and interventional spine care. During a recent American Association of Orthopedic Medicine meeting I had the unexpected pleasure of meeting Harvey and being presented with his latest version of Strength Training for Cyclists.

This version contains manuals, videos, diaries and the scientific evidence to support Dr. (sic) Newton’s program. He delves into the biggest mistakes cyclist make when they think they’re strength training but really aren’t. He highlights the seven deadly sins that cyclists make when heading to the gym. Not surprisingly, I have fallen victim to some of those sins over the years.

I’ve been incorporating Harvey Newton’s methods into my weekly training regime for the past six months and have gotten huge results, but not huge muscles. How can I tell? My early season riding is 6-8 weeks ahead of schedule with respect to speed and distance. My average spring speed is up 1-2 mph and my weekend rides are 10-20miles further in distance with less post-ride muscle fatigue. Also, my gearing is higher on the low end. I can now start the season riding the Pittsburgh hills in a 34 x 25, whereas in the past I used a 29 x 34. My friends now accuse me of using steroids because they’re having difficulty keeping up.

It’s no secret that Strength Training for Cyclists is where it’s at! For this 55 year old who rides 3-4K a year it makes abundant sense to employ these methods year round. They work! They’re easy, time efficient, scientifically proven and they’ll get results for you no matter whether you’re a weekend warrior or a professional cyclist. Here’s to Harvey Newton for enabling me to beat up on my cycling buddies. You too will be able to kick some serious butt with this program.

With abundant thanks and appreciation,"
Paul S. Lieber, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

42-minute DVD.
130-page Ebook Complete Manual (8.5" x 11").
28-page laminated Quick Series Guide (3.75"x5.5").

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