Strength Training for Cyclists (QuickSeries Guide)

FREE SHIPPING! This convenient 28-page laminated quick reference guide is perfect for the gym. It has step-by-step instruction with illustrations on key lifts for improved strength and power for better performance...
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Newton Sports is pleased to announce the arrival of the Quick Series Guide on Strength Training for Cyclists. This convenient (5-1/2” x 3-3/4”) 28-page laminated quick reference guide is published by Luxart Communications, the leader in this type of publication. Throw this guide in your gym bag when you head to the gym and you’ll have step-by-step instruction on key lifts for improved strength and power on the bike.

Olympic Coach Harvey Newton offers the simplest way to improve your off-bike fitness this winter. True to its design, with this Quick Series book you’ll have at your fingertips solid information on weightroom pros and cons, along with instruction on resistance training exercises for the lower body, the upper body (both pushing and pulling), and the core (low back and abdominals).

Included are advanced, power-producing moves like the Power Clean, Speed Squats, Jump Lunge, and much more. And, you’ll learn how to conveniently include resistance training in all phases of your annual race calendar, with model workouts available for quick reference.

This is a one-on-a-kind guide to proper strength training for cyclists and triathletes.

  • Compact & Convenient
  • Step-By-Step Instruction
  • Solid Information
  • Improve Off-bike Fitness In Winter
  • Water Resistant

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"Hi Harvey –

I had my first big ride of the season at the end of Feb and had the best/most fun/easiest time in 6 years at Chilly Hilly around Bainbridge Island where I live.

I've been using your strength program since the beginning of the year and am off to my best start ever.

Mark A. Darling


"The Strength Training for Cyclists Quick Guide is an excellent summary of the complete program found in the Strength Training for Cyclists System. The Quick Guide begins with an overview of strength training in general. The middle has explanations and illustrations of the most important exercises. It ends with a discussion of periodization, training phases, the relationship between repetitions per set and muscle development plus more.

Anybody interested in Harvey Newton's Strength Training for Cyclists can get a good overview of the program before they take the plunge for the full manual and DVD (which I highly recommend). Anyone already following Harvey's program will benefit from having this guide in the gym (it's laminated!). While reading the Quick Guide between sets, I re-remembered several details of the program that I had forgotten (like the proper position for doing the one-handed rowing exercise) and learned a couple things (like the starting weight in an exercise should be about 60% of the maximum weight) that I had missed even though I've reviewed the manual and DVD every fall.

The Quick Guide is a bargain, suitable for use in the gym and will give anyone a better understanding of how to do, how much to do and why a cyclist should do strength training."

Keith Nelson
Kula, HI

28-page laminated guide (3.75” x 5.5”)
Published by Luxart Communications.

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