The Power Clean: Developing Power for Sport (eBook)

FREE INSTANT DELIVERY! This 62-page eBook has step-by-step instruction by Olympic Coach Harvey Newton on the Power Clean, one of the best exercises for increased explosive power.
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Did you know 97%* of high school strength coaches surveyed use Olympic-style lifts to train their sports teams? Significantly, 78% of the coaches rate the Clean (power, squat, hang) as either the #1 or #2 “most important exercise in their program,” ahead of the bench press.

*Strength and Conditioning Practices of United States High School Strength and Conditioning Coaches, Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, November 2009

Coach Newton’s eBook, The Power Clean: Developing Power for Sport, uses electronic delivery that immediately brings you a 62-page, heavily illustrated, technical guide on learning the power clean (actually, all forms of the clean). The power clean is probably the most highly recommended exercise for athletes seeking more power on the playing field or court.

The power clean is also a key training lift for competitive weightlifters. Drawing on his extensive background as the USA Olympic Coach for weightlifting and as the director of the National Strength and Conditioning Association, Coach Harvey Newton explains to fellow coaches and athletes how and why the power clean is so popular. More importantly, he offers detailed, step-by-step instruction on how to properly learn, perform, and coach this otherwise complicated lift.

Coach Newton uses the proven top-down teaching method for quickly learning the power clean. Photographs and illustrations of elite weightlifters are used throughout the text to offer the reader sharp, visual teaching instruction.

The eBook’s chapter headings include:

  • Chapter 1: Clean & Power Clean: Basic Concepts
  • Chapter 2: Phases of the Clean/Power Clean
  • Chapter 3: Equipment Needs
  • Chapter 4: Clean/Power Clean Teaching Progression
  • Chapter 5: Training the Power Clean

This is a one-on-a-kind guide, written by a proven leader in the weightlifting and strength training fields, to mastering the clean and power clean lifts. Order yours today!


LOVE The Power Clean eBook!

Really, it's great. I sat down to read your latest book, arming myself with a highlighter and looking forward to learning. I could have highlighted everything! I'm excited to work with the athletes at Clark College and use your time-tested approach to the power clean with them.

Please keep writing and sharing your valuable knowledge.

Thank you,"
Bridget Raach, CSCS, USAW, LMP


"Although I had been doing an uninformed version of the 'clean' since about the age of 16 as an amateur weightlifter, it was not until the age of 57 that I discovered a chapter from Harvey Newton's Explosive Lifting for Sports online having to do with cleaning. This led eventually to the first weightlifting instruction in my life from Harvey. Although I was skeptical that at my age any improvement was realistic, to my astonishment I discovered through rigorous application of the techniques set out in Newton's eBook, that the amount of weight I could clean increased, even though I was getting older. At 61, I have been able to surpass my personal clean record at the age of 51 because of the principles so clearly and simply explained in this eBook. I want to encourage all aspiring weightlifters, especially seniors, not to assume that it is too late to learn how to increase power and to clean properly, safely. Harvey Newton's eBook is the place to begin again."

Noel H. Mayfield, PhD

Prints out on standard 8-1/2” X 11” paper
Published by Newton Sports

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