Successful Snatch Lifts by Volleyball Players

This clip compares two scholastic volleyball players that lifted in recent USAW competitions. While both lifts are successful efforts, please check the frame-by-frame or key position highlights to see some relative inefficiencies.

This clip is featured as part of my May 10 American Volleyball Coaches Association Webinar (see Newton Sports home page headlines section for details). Although volleyball (and many other sports) wants to train Olympic-style lifts for added strength and power, the benefits are not present unless technique is similar to how a weightlifter performs.

You’ll note the bar travels vertically, rather than in the desired “modified S-pull” trajectory. As a result, these lifters fail to get into solid power positions and their power output suffers. Performing these otherwise power-producing exercises in an inefficient manner just doesn’t make sense.

As I’ll mention on the Webinar, if one decides to use advanced, explosive lift moves, it’s crucial that proper technique be developed. This requires the experienced eye of a veteran coach and coaching tools like Dartfish.

Use the many Dartfish tools to view these clips in regular motion, slow motion, and frame-by-frame. Click on Details in the upper right after viewing the entire clip to see my key position remarks.

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DartfishTV is a valuable tool that illustrates key coaching points nearly impossible to see with the naked eye. After viewing this example of Harvey Newton’s Dartfish analysis you can find more examples here: Feel free to register free of charge for email updates of new videos posted.

Windows users are encouraged to download the free Dart Player that utilizes Microsoft’s Silverlight to provide easy access and enhanced video quality.