The Importance of a Good Lift-Off

(Please allow a moment for the video clip to load.)

Here’s an unsuccessful snatch attempt at the American Open last December. Most will say, “It’s forward,” which is right, but let’s look at why the bar is forward. I’ve mentioned often the perils of starting with the hips very low, as seen here. Although the lifter gets into a fairly good power position, her efforts up to this point have set up a series of errors, most notably, her punch forward of the bar while going under.

Some corrections to the starting position and more attention to raising the shoulders at the same rate as the hips would help to “sweep” the bar in toward the shins. Once in the correct position over the lifter’s area of base, the rest of the lift could be executed easily. You can see here that the weight was not heavy, but the technique left something to be desired.

Use the many Dartfish tools to view these clips in regular motion, slow motion, and frame-by-frame. After viewing the entire clip click on the white triangles along the Play bar to see my key position remarks.

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