Pat Mendes at USAW Nationals

(Please allow a moment for the video clip to load.)

Anyone with a computer has heard of the amazing lifts performed by Pat Mendes of Las Vegas. On various YouTube postings Mendes has been shown snatching (often with straps) in excess of 200kg. He’s not known for his great C&J performances, although the clean seems to present no real challenge.

At this year’s Nationals Pat did 170-170-177 and 200-210-212-389. Here is his first attempt C&J of 200kg. It’s a pretty easy first attempt, but he’s snatched this much before! John Garhammer has informed me that Pat has utilized both power and split jerks in the past, but for right now, he’ll focus on the power jerk. They look easy enough that there seems little reason to switch to conventional technique.

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