Local Clean-and-Jerk Attempt (Failed)

Here’s an example of a strong, young lifter who could benefit from more technique work. He has good leg strength, but his clean technique contributes to a very hard effort, after which the jerk is a real challenge.

There are several spots during both the clean and the jerk in which better technique may have resulted in a successful lift. Look at this attempt both in regular and slow motion speeds. Then click the white triangles above the progress bar to see my comments at key points in the lift. Finally, advance the clip frame-by-frame to see exactly what’s happening.

Click on the white triangles in the video timeline for my commentary about that frame.

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Dartfish.tv is a valuable tool that illustrates key coaching points nearly impossible to see with the naked eye. After viewing this example of Harvey Newton’s Dartfish analysis you can find more examples here: www.dartfish.tv/newtonsports. Feel free to register free of charge for email updates of new videos posted.

Windows users are encouraged to download the free Dart Player that utilizes Microsoft’s Silverlight to provide easy access and enhanced video quality.