One of a Kind Clean & Jerk by Kendrick Ferris!

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2011 National champion (and Best Lifter), Kendrick Ferris, cleans and jerks 199kg (438lbs) on his second attempt at the USAW Nationals. Kendrick is known for cleaning weights well in excess of this, but he’s always had a challenge with the jerk. Kendrick has employed a hybrid “split-squat” style in years past. Here he successfully power jerks the weight, but then continues into a full squat jerk position. On his third attempt, with 204kg, Kendrick easily cleaned, but missed the locked out jerk.

This is not a recommended style for the average lifter. I spoke with Kendrick’s coach, Kyle Pierce, after the meet and he wants to convince Kendrick to master the classic split style for the jerk. This could easily mean 10 or more kilos on Kendrick’s total, a result likely to place him higher than the 8th place he earned in Beijing. We’ll see if he makes the changes.

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