Keep Your Feet Planted!

(Please allow a moment for the video clip to load.)

This clip is from the recent USA Weightlifting National Championships. The lifter demonstrates good technique throughout this lift, but also shows a most unusual change in foot placement during the pull.

It’s not unusual (although seldom seen with elite lifters) for some foot motion to occur during the pull. This, however, is in a class of its own. And, you can imagine some of the resulting dynamics that take place from basically lifting on one foot.

You’ll see a regular speed clip first, followed by a slow motion clip. Note within the slow motion clip the highlight box that shows the lifter pick up and relocate her right foot closer to her left foot. Play the clip several times in order to train your “coach’s eye” to what happened at regular speed.

The weight does not appear particularly heavy; the lifter racks the bar quite high. But, her torso buckles on racking the bar, causing her to sit back (look at the change in knee position) and round her spine. This results first in an elbow touch on the right side, then a touch on the left side. The referees easily switched their judging lights to ‘no lift’ and the down signal can be heard in the background.

After viewing the entire clip click "Next Frame" along the play bar to watch the lift frame-by-frame. In slow motion this requires about three clicks for each frame advancement.

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