Case Study 5 using DartfishTV

Here’s the second male athlete competing in the hang clean (only his first rep counts as a power clean) at the 2010 NSCA International Index Invitational. He used poor form to initially lift the weight, then proceeds to use mostly brute force to attempt the reps. He was supposed to perform 5 reps, but obviously doesn't get very far.

Click on the white triangles in the video timeline for Coach Newton’s commentary about that frame. With more attention to technique, this lifter could probably manage all 5 reps. Minus technique, the barbell wins.

How's your technique? Find out with a Dartfish analysis from Coach Newton by clicking here.

DartfishTV is a valuable tool that illustrates key coaching points nearly impossible to see with the naked eye. Check this example of Harvey Newton’s Dartfish analysis of lifting technique. Find more examples and subscribe at

Windows users are encouraged to download the free Dart Player that utilizes Microsoft’s Silverlight to provide easy access and enhanced video quality.