Dartfish Technique Tips - December 2012

(Please allow a moment for the video clip to load.)

The heaviest C&J (77kg category) at the recent Florida State Championships was accomplished with good form and technique. This is a double bodyweight lift and reflects room for more. There are a few highlights that could be improved upon, but overall, this lifter shows decent technique.

Use the white triangles just below the Play bar to see this lifter’s key positions, along with my commentary. You can advance key positions by using the Next Marker option. Also, use Dartfish’s Next Frame option to watch the lift frame-by-frame.

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Dartfish.tv is a valuable tool that illustrates key coaching points nearly impossible to see with the naked eye. After viewing this example of Harvey Newton’s Dartfish analysis you can find more examples here: www.dartfish.tv/newtonsports. Feel free to register free of charge for email updates of new videos posted.

Windows users are encouraged to download the free Dart Player that utilizes Microsoft’s Silverlight to provide easy access and enhanced video quality.