A Look at Ankle Flexibility

In the January eBulletin I discussed the role of ankle flexibility in achieving the correct squat receiving position, for both the snatch and the clean. Still photos of three lifters (different weight categories, same meet) illustrated the difference in receiving positions and the chance of success.

Several readers asked for more details, so here are the actual video clips from which the stills were created. They are loaded in slow motion, so be sure to compare what’s going on at various stages of the lifts. Use Dartfish’s technology to slow down, move from frame to frame, download, print out the images, and to review my key position analysis.

Ankle flexibility is a key component of successful weightlifting. In these clips the difference in ankle flexibility is remarkable. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a lifter with more flexible ankles than Lifter A. Lifters B and C, may be much stronger than A, but Lifter A has a future as a weightlifter. The other two lifters really must focus on improved ankle flexibility before realizing any significant improvement.

Click on the white triangles in the video timeline for my commentary about that frame.

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Windows users are encouraged to download the free Dart Player that utilizes Microsoft’s Silverlight to provide easy access and enhanced video quality.