Strength and Power Notes January 2010


January Happenings

As mentioned in last month’s installment, there have been a number of visitors passing through of late. It was great to see Derrick Crass and Anne Lehman here for a day, between family visits and a need to return to the Bay Area. Derrick, former national champion and two-time Olympian, is a physical therapist whose daughter, Rachel, represented the USA in numerous international meets as a junior.

Derrick Crass and Harvey Newton

Derrick Crass and Anne Lehman

Holiday visitors include 1984 & 1988 Olympian Derrick Crass and Anne Lehman

Anne’s name takes up a lot of ink in the USA masters’ weightlifting record books, although she prefers to focus on open competitions, rather than age group events. Typical of this holiday time, neither Anne nor Derrick had trained much of late, so one brief workout and a couple of nice meals fit in perfectly. They toured Daytona’s International Speedway prior to jetting back to San Francisco.

After moving my weights and platform to Pro Bodies Performance of Ormond Beach, I decided to return everything to the Sweat Shop (my garage). All is well at the new location and owner Frank Fischetti is great to work with. It just seems like the current tempo of work commitments and projects are more easily mastered with the weights nearby.

I just got back from attending a few hours of the NSCA Sport Specific Training Conference in Orlando. This proved a good chance to connect with long-time friends like John Garhammer, Patrick McHenry, Doug Lentz, and others and tour the tradeshow. Lots of proven methods, lots of questionable fads, always interesting.

Power Clean e-Book

By the time you read this, my new e-book on the power clean will be featured on the web site. This was fun to pull together, although, as usual, I learned a lot about software. Writing is one thing; polishing the final product is another.

Right or wrong, we know the power clean is a popular exercise with non-weightlifters. And, most of us have seen some horrific style used for this lift. I wrote this 62-page book, (rich with photos and illustrations) in order to provide coaches and athletes with a good source of detailed information on how to do it right.

Spread the word; let your contacts know this is available! Thanks.

Upcoming Programs

I’ll be doing four CEU programs on improved performance via explosive lifting in 2010. Check the site for details, but the first two will be March 6 and April 3, in Pensacola and Amelia Island, respectively. I’m partnering with Doug Lane for these 8-hour lecture and hands-on workshops. Look for details on this site.

I just had a call from USA Weightlifting asking if I could assist in two USAW programs in the Southeast in February (SC) and March (NC). Long-time friend Mike Gattone, USAW’s High Performance and Coaching Education Director has updated the former Club Coach and Sports Performance Coach educational materials.

It’s always a pleasure helping USAW with their educational programs. Keep an eye on for details on both.

Interested in having me stage a program in your neighborhood? Just contact me and we’ll make it happen.


In many ways 2009 was a frustrating year for most of us, with challenges both nationally and internationally, horrible headlines about the economy, challenging job options, etc. Well, here we are in a New Year, with lots of opportunities ahead. I, for one, expect to make the most of 2010 and hope your plans are met as well. Let me know how I can help!