Dartfish Technique Tips - January 2015

Keep Pressure on the Competition

I always remind new coaches that a key component of competition coaching is to put pressure on the other guy. This also suggests minimizing the amount of pressure placed on your own lifter. The easiest solution to this is to make your lifts! At the 2013 World Championships Russia’s Ruslan Albegov (+105kg) had a good lead over Iran’s Moulaei, 209kg to 203kg.

The Iranian went first in the C&J with 241kg, followed by Albegov at 242kg; gold and silver remain the same (others were finished). Waiting each other out, the bar progressed to 255kg, more than a 5% increase. Maintaining their lifting order, the Iranian moved into first with a successful lift. Albegov missed the jerk behind, really putting himself on the spot. He took this weight (equally his best-ever effort) after a 2-minute interval and was successful, and moved back into the lead.

Lighter man Moulaei now needed 261kg to move into the lead. He cleaned the weight, jerked it to arms’ length, but dropped the barbell behind (more on this next month).


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