Dartfish Technique Tips - December 2016

A Clear Rules Violation

Sometimes it's the small rules, or the interpretation or even knowledge of or ability to see the small rules that make a difference. Witness the +105s at the Rio Olympic Games when favorite Salimi (IRI) was approved on a jerk that clearly (at least from my NBC Sports vantage point) included "bending and extending of the arms," a clear rules violation (IWF Rule The Jury, in a unanimous action, overturned the referees, refused the lift, and contributed to an upset in this class.

At this year's US Olympic Trials I grabbed this second attempt snatch by Holly Mangold. I'd seen the violation on her first lift and was amazed that the officials did not turn down the lift. True, this is a failed lift. But according to the rules as soon as a technical rules violation is seen the officials are to activate their red light.

For example, we don't wait until the jerk down signal to activate a red light when the lifter touched an elbow to the knee during a clean. This is done immediately since no further action can make the lift legit.

In Mangold's case she stops the upward motion of the barbell when the weights are a couple of inches off the platform. Clearly stated within the IWF Rules (Incorrect Movements) are "Pulling from the hang, defined as: stopping the upward movement of the barbell during the pull" and 2.5.3 (Incorrect Movements of the Snatch), "Pause during the lifting of the barbell."


The lift runs in both regular and in slow motion. Drag the playhead in order to stop, slow down, or reverse the clip.

Check out my key position analysis notes for closer scrutiny of this lift.

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