About Newton Sports

Newton Sports was created in 1989 to expand the knowledge base of sport coaches, strength coaches, athletes, fitness professionals, sports medicine researchers, interested parents, and many others. Newton Sports' website is the Headquarters that Coach Newton uses to stay in touch with those looking to improve their strength.

Newton Sports is the official company of USA Olympic Coach Harvey Newton, noted national and international expert in weightlifting (the Olympic sport) and strength training for other sports. Coach Newton is the author of the popular Human Kinetics’ book/DVD/ and Dartfish DVD-ROM, Explosive Lifting for Sports. He was sought out to publish a thorough, yet easy to comprehend, text on the use of explosive, Olympic-style weightlifting movements for all sports. In the last 20 years explosive lifting has been the way to train in the weightroom. With Explosive Lifting for Sports you can now gain all the secrets of learning or coaching safe and effective performance of the Snatch and the Clean-and-Jerk lifts or dozens of related explosive assistance exercises. Whether you’re a recreational, scholastic, college, professional, or elite athlete, now you’ll have Olympic Coach Harvey Newton to lead you through this very advanced, and often times challenging, form of training.

“I want you to learn and train with explosive lifting,” says Coach Newton, the first National Coach for USA Weightlifting. “But, I’ve seen way too many athletes fail to lift correctly. This not only causes your strength training to come up short, but improper lifting technique can also lead to possible injury. While many coaches prescribe exercises like the Power Clean for their athletes, too many coaches don't know how to properly teach this, and other, explosive lifts.”

Explosive Lifting for Sports is the best source of information on how to teach and learn complex exercises like the Snatch, the Clean, the Jerk, and the many auxiliary exercises weightlifters use to become the most powerful athletes in the world. The book is chocked full of details and a huge array of photos showing how to learn the explosive lifts. Going a step farther, publisher Human Kinetics also created a VHS videotape (now available as a DVD!!) of the finer points of weightlifting technique and how to systematically and progressively learn what can otherwise be one of the most challenging forms of resistance training.

Now You Can Train With Olympic Coach Harvey Newton!
Newton Sports has recently introduced the ultimate training support system. “I’m really excited to now announce that Human Kinetics and Newton Sports have combined with Dartfish, the cutting edge motion analysis software giant to create the absolute finest form of weightlifting instruction available to athletes and coaches: “Explosive Lifting for Sports: Enhanced Edition”. The book and DVD retain their original in-depth coverage of explosive lifting for many popular sports, including weightlifting. But now the reader gains the best advantage ever, an absolutely FREE Dartfish DVD-ROM that “brings the book to life!” Now you not only get another set of video depictions of elite weightlifting technique (including USA’s top young lifters Norik Vardanyan, Natalie Friend, and Jason Brown), but the reader gets Coach Newton’s step-by-step “key point” instructions at crucial points in each lift.

“The DVD-ROM shows basic technique for the three classic quick lifts,” says the first author to utilize Dartfish technology in a mixed media presentation. “But, for those athletes who have access to Dartfish software (many high schools and most universities now use Dartfish), they can place their own image into the “media book” and compare their technique to the models!

“Even more exciting is that with the help of Dartfish, I’m easily available to act as your personal coach or to assist your current coaches online. First, contact me so we can begin the process. Then, you’ll receive a password to access your account at the Newton Sports' DartfishNet site that allows your uploading of your video footage. Within a short turnaround period you’ll receive my detailed Dartfish-enhanced reply, complete with all the Dartfish benefits that easily illustrate how you can immediately begin producing better lifting results.”

So, whether you want to personally utilize Explosive Lifting for Sports products on your own, attend Newton Sports educational programs, or engage Coach Harvey Newton as an online coach, you have a number of options available that will improve your performance. Contact Us to get started.