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About Newton Sports

Newton Sports was created in 1989 to expand the knowledge base of sport coaches, strength coaches, athletes, fitness professionals, sports medicine researchers, interested parents, and many others. Newton Sports' website is the Headquarters that Coach Newton uses to stay in touch with those looking to improve their strength.

Newton Sports is the official company of USA Olympic Coach Harvey Newton, noted national and international expert in weightlifting (the Olympic sport) and strength training for other sports. Read more...

About Coach Harvey Newton

Harvey Newton, MA, CSCS opened his first issue of Strength & Health “a long time ago,” during the heyday of American weightlifting, and was immediately hooked on the world’s most powerful sport. From the beginning he has been a strong leader at all levels in weightlifting and strength training as an athlete, coach, administrator, and educator.

While competing and coaching at the University of Central Florida, Coach Newton expanded his sphere of influence with sport-specific clinics and training camps for athletes and coaches of dozens of sports. Read more...

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much rest should I take between sets? I get a lot of different answers when I ask this question at my gym?

A: The answer on rest between sets is pretty straightforward. It is largely determined by your training goals. Short duration, say about 30 seconds between sets, is characteristic of circuit-type training. Because rest intervals are brief, heart rate remains high, recovery is incomplete, and the intensity (weight used) must be reduced. Circuits are a time-efficient means of gaining some resistance training benefits, but increased pure strength is not one of them. Read more...