SportsEdTV Launches Weightlifting Content

SportsEdTV, a new online resource for sports video instruction has launched its first weightlifting content. For more details check the recent press release: SportsEdTV press release

The first weightlifting segment is on the snatch lift. According to Olympic Coach Harvey Newton, SportsEdTV’s weightlifting advisor, "This is going to be a phenomenal new approach to educating, for free, people around the globe on the details needed to succeed in many sports."

Coach Newton will be providing instructional methods for safely and effectively learning proper weightlifting technique. Newton and a team of weightlifting coaches will regularly contribute blog content to SportsEdTV’s site. Check the first installment, dealing with the challenge of jumping back in the snatch: Jump Back Snatch: Why?

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Featured Dartfish Video

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Check out the Dartfish Technique Tip video entitled A Clear Rules Violation.

"Dear Harvey-

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the weightlifting certification. It was a major paradigm shift in many ways, especially learning of the important of the power position and ankle mobility for weightlifting.

At first I was somewhat frustrated, as I struggled conceptualizing the teaching of weightlifting in this manner to athletes. Then, I looked at myself in the power position and realized how closely it mimics a vertical jump, and changed my mind. After a week of focus on this position, my dunking ability is improving.

I also really appreciated your honesty on what your experience taught you to be true, and teaching us more useful information than we would have received otherwise. It was great getting to know you as a person and a coach, and I hope all is well with you."

Stephen Wells
Hope College