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Cycling Strength

Do cyclists and other endurance athletes really benefit from resistance training?

This can be a confusing topic. Many slow twitch pundits tell endurance athletes not to waste their time with resistance training. Conversely, many well-intentioned fitness "experts" suggest cyclists, triathletes, runners, and others engage in long, periodized lifting routines better suited for bodybuilders.

Various endurance athletes have many of the same concerns about weight training:

  • Can I get stronger without gaining bulky muscular weight?
  • Should I train for added strength or power?
  • Should I train muscular endurance with weights?
  • Will resistance training take away from my primary sport?
  • What’s the role of lifting in general health & fitness?

To improve cycling power riders must effectively utilize off-bike strength training for optimal results on the bike. "One thing is certain, not all riders should weight train the same," says Newton, "and, woman and masters have the most to gain from solid strength training."

For nearly 30 years Olympic Coach Harvey Newton has been the "go-to guy" for solid and practical information on safely and effectively combining cycling and resistance training. Coach Newton’s credentials includes a mix of long-time competitive weightlifter, USA Weightlifting's then national coach, and an active racing cyclist.

Coach Newton was initially approached in 1981 by Eddie Borysewicz ("Eddie B"), Ed Burke, and Carl Leusenkamp to address Team USA Cycling’s strength training concerns. He served as USA Cycling’s strength and conditioning advisor through 1992, training several national team track riders throughout their season and advising all national teams on off-season weightroom workouts. Coach Newton remains an avid cyclist and rides regularly. A USA Cycling Level 2 Coach, he continues to address coach and rider issues at events such as USA Cycling’s Summit as well as conducting his own seminars in person and online.

At the request of Team USA Cycling, Coach Newton combines his extensive weightlifting and cycling experience to develop Strength Training for Cyclists. The initial STFC product was two VHS tapes and a brief user’s guide aimed at coaches specifically. Recognizing the need for expanded educational materials for riders and coaches, Newton produced a new and expended Strength Training for Cyclists System.

Want more info about the Strength Training for Cyclists System? Check out the video introduction below.

Harvey Newton's STFC DVD Video Introduction
Video Introduction for Strength Training for Cyclists System


Coach Newton offers all of the exercises used in Strength Training for Cyclists on his DarthfishTV channel at Samples of the exercises are available FREE! The full collection of recommended lifts is available by subscription. Although cyclists may miss some details available only in the complete STFC System, accessing proper technique for the most highly recommended exercises will give any cyclist a “leg up” on the competition.

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