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Weightlifting, The Olympic Sport

Interested in the Olympic sport of weightlifting? Look for a qualified coach with a sensible training program...
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Cycling, Ride Stronger, Longer, Faster

Do cyclists and other endurance athletes really benefit from resistance training? This can be a confusing topic...
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Dartfish Motion Analysis, The Coaching Secret

Exciting news in sports science that increases coaching effectiveness... motion analysis software that "makes the invisible, visible"...
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Educational Events, eBooks, DVDs, Posters, Recommended Reading and Apparel all approved by Coach Harvey Newton and Newton Sports...
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Newton Sports is the official company of USA Olympic Coach Harvey Newton, noted national and international expert in weightlifting (the Olympic sport) and strength training for other sports. Newton Sports was created in 1989 to expand the knowledge base of sport coaches, strength coaches, athletes, fitness professionals, sports medicine researchers, interested parents, and many others. This website is the Headquarters that Coach Newton uses to stay in touch with those looking to improve their strength.

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Check out the Dartfish Technique Tip video entitled A Clear Rules Violation.

"Dear Harvey-

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the weightlifting certification. It was a major paradigm shift in many ways, especially learning of the important of the power position and ankle mobility for weightlifting.

At first I was somewhat frustrated, as I struggled conceptualizing the teaching of weightlifting in this manner to athletes. Then, I looked at myself in the power position and realized how closely it mimics a vertical jump, and changed my mind. After a week of focus on this position, my dunking ability is improving.

I also really appreciated your honesty on what your experience taught you to be true, and teaching us more useful information than we would have received otherwise. It was great getting to know you as a person and a coach, and I hope all is well with you."

Stephen Wells
Hope College